The common name for this chakra is throat chakra and is located at your throat. This chakra represents your self-expression and speech. It is the chakra for the right to speak and to be heard. By speaking our truth and peace we can manifest what we want in life. You can access this chakra for your integrity and your creative expression of honesty and trust. Here we are true to our words and make fewer judgments.

The crystal associated to this chakra is sodalite. It’s colour is a rich royal blue, green, yellow and violet with mottled white veins or patches. It is called the poet stone due to its ability to help with communication. It can help increase intelligence and the honesty of our emotions. Sodalite is known to help end arguments and disagreements. It brings order and calmness to the mind and objectivity, rational thought and self-trust.

25.4mm in diameter
6.35mm deep
Dodecahedron 14mm x 18mm
Necklace 43cm + 5cm extension