The common name for this chakra is the sacral chakra, it is located just below your naval. This chakra represents your sense of self, emotions, creativity and sexual energy. This chakra also represents the sense of our own individuality. You can connect with this chakra to access your creativity and self worth.

The crystal associated with this chakra is carnelian. Its typical colour is clear-to-translucent reddish-brown and can vary from pale orange, to an intense almost-black. Carnelian can restore vitality, motivation and can stimulate your creativity. It can help positive life choices and gives us courage to overcome negativity. Carnelian sharpens your concentration and willpower. It helps with trusting in yourself and your perceptions.

25.4mm in diameter
6.35mm deep
Icosahedron 14mm x 18mm
Necklace 43cm + 5cm extension