The common name for this chakra is ether root or base chakra. It is located at the base of the spine. This chakra represents the earth-centred energy and grounds you to mother earth. It gives you stability and strength from your beliefs. You can connect with this chakra to access your life-force, your roots and belief systems.

The crystal associated to this chakra is smokey quartz. Its typical colour is brown to black and it is a natural variety of quartz. It is an excellent stone for grounding and protecting against negative energy. Smokey quartz can lift depression, jealousy, anger and fear. It can bring calmness and can relieve stress and anxiety by grounding and transforming the negative energy to positive energy. It can help bring out your inner strength and courage.

Being very calming and comforting smokey quartz can be regarded as a stone of serenity.
25.4mm in diameter
6.35mm deep
Cube 12mm each side
Necklace 43cm + 5cm extension