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Handmade Crystal Jewellery by Corinna

Hello and welcome to my store.

I always loved the moon and the stars and recently crystals enriched my life in a totally unexpected way. I decided to bring both together and create the jewellery you see here.

All crystals used in my jewellery are cleansed and charged with loving intention to help raise your vibration.

The pendants are made with resin, crystals and charms.

If you are looking to add some jewellery to your life which is not only beautiful but can also help raise your vibration you are on the right – or left ;)- page.

Latest Handmade Crystal Jewellery

About Corinna

My name is Corinna – as you might have guessed 😉 – I have been an industrial chemist for the past 15 years.
After leaving my last permanent job and picking up casual work for a while I needed to do something with my reawakened creativity. I have always loved the moon and the stars, so I embarked on the journey of learning astrology and starting to do yoga and crystal healing sessions and ohhh my, the journey has been quite the ride and will continue to be so.

Astrology and crystals are amazing tools for healing the self and relationships in all kind of forms. Combining what comes from mother earth and what is the universe is something very important to me. Everything is connected, the plants, the stars and everything and everyone in between. I believe by healing yourself you can heal and help others in a compassionate way. I believe we all need a little magic in our lives and what better way for me to bring it to you than in the form of crystals and astrology jewellery.

The crystals used in my jewellery all have healing properties and are intended to help bring an energy shift within you. Your body can pick up the specific healing frequency of the crystal till your body’s vibration rises. If you are on your journey of spiritual development and self-healing my jewellery is a beautiful piece to wear.

All crystals used are lovingly cleansed with sage or palo santo and charged with loving intention. I believe that all my pieces will find their way to the person for whom it is intended for.

Happy browsing! I hope you like what you see and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions and feedback! If you would like a customised piece please drop me a line!